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Leading the world in its class, the AC-ROV is the groundbreaking ROV developed by AC-CESS and their engineering partners All Oceans.

A complete system comes in one rugged waterproof hand carry case with an all up weight of just 18kg.  It defines the "Hand Carry" class in underwater inspection systems.  CE Marked and certified for all "feet wet" applications, offshore, onshore or down pipes, it is the safest and quickest tool for your underwater inspection.  One person can easily deploy the system in less than 3 minutes.  Not only can it be carried in one hand, it can also be controlled with one hand, leaving your other one free to tend to the tether, take notes, operate the manipulator or answer your mobile. The AC-ROV is a single operator system and a benchmark in ROV design.


Routine Inspection
Suitable for almost any environment, the AC-ROV represents a sound investment for those involved in underwater inspections. These may be for security, certification purposes, hull or structural inspection, or you could be involved in manned diving. In this case it is a valuable pre-dive inspection and reconnaissance tool that then follow's on into diver observation and saftey control. You may work onshore or offshore, in open or confined spaces - how convenient would it be to have a hand carry underwater ROV video camera system at your disposal?

Emergency Intervention
mall and versatile, the AC-ROV system can be hand carried, unpacked, deployed and operated by a sole user at very short notice. Images can be viewed or recorded as required whilst the manipulator option can be used for gathering samples, evidence or fixing recovery lines.

See the AC-ROV in action, click on these video links - AC-ROV YouTube Channel - AC-ROV in demo tank at OSEA2010  

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